Origin Gizuf Digital was born in January of 2020, by three friends – Bizuneh, Dawit and Nebiyu. It was a destined time to embark on a project which soon snowballed into a full-fledged startup company we joyously have come to see to fruition. We are a dynamic team who have consistently dabbled into different projects for more than 15 years. As we grew into our tech careers from developer to architect, director and management our passion to use our expertise to solve core problems in Africa was ever present. One fateful afternoon in January of 2020, before news of pandemic hit the world, we began a discussion of a project each of us have been pondering over for some time - An eBook and Audiobook application for African book. We have come to realize how difficult it is to find African books. Our first product AfroRead was born. We started our journey to create an app for African books. We have identified the core challenges surrounding publishing and distributing book in Africa. We believe sharing knowledge is a key to overcome many of Africa’s challenges, and equipping the next generation of leaders and informed citizens. We have a stablished a state-of-the-art solution that can serve at scale. Along the way we have built a culture of inclusivity and opportunity creation. We are committed to solving Gizuf(Huge) challenges that will have Gizuf Impact. We will create high skill opportunities in Africa and cultivate a gender balance ecosystem by empowering women in tech, literature and corporate system. We specially strive to work closely with mothers since they have great impact in shaping the young and family. Fore more information on founders and corporate information visit the Gizuf corporate website.

Gizuf Digital LLC.

4928 Sauquoit Ln, Annandale, VA