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What is AfroRead?

AfroRead is a platform to produce and distribute African Digital Content. AfroRead has an app that readers can consume books in audiobook or eBooks format. AfroRead also had a publishing arm that helps authors publish all their work in eBook or Audiobook format.

Where is my email from AfroRead?

It is common for emails to end up in different folders than your primary inbox. Check your spam, social, promotions or other folders in your email client. If you still have not received the email, please contact us and we will try to help resolving the issue.

Do I need to create an account to read free books?

Yes. In order to read full content of an eBook or audiobook, even a free one, you will need to create an account, log in and add the books to your shelf. This will allow AfroRead to maintain your reading progress and provide you with an optimal user experience.

What methods can I use to make a payment?

You may purchase books on AfroRead using your credit card. AfroRead uses a secure and state of the art payment gateway processor to process payments. All major credit cards and debit cards are supported. More information, including their privacy policy can be found here. Local Ethiopian customers can use Telebirr, CBE Birr and M-PESA payment gateway.

Does AfroRead store my payment information?

AfroRead does not store any user payment information. We use a secure payment processing service provided by stripe. If you would like to learn more about stripe, please go here.

How can I get receipt for the books I purchased?

For each eBook and audiobook purchased on AfroRead, you will get a receipt via email. Please keep these receipts as it will help to resolve problems should you have issues with your purchase.

How long do I have to read the books?

There are no time limitations on when you are able to read or listen to the books. The books you have purchased are yours to keep as long as you use AfroRead app.

Can I request for books you do not have in your store?

Certainly! We love to get your book recommendation. You can send us a message through contact us form on AfroReadApp.com or email us at info@gizuf.com

How Can I share books I purchased with others?

Currently all the books are copyright protected and only available through the account that was used purchased them; they cannot be shared or transferred to another user. You may certainly share your appreciation for the app and encourage your friends to use the app to enjoy the books that you find particularly interesting.

How can I get help about AfroRead?

We are here to support you so you can enjoy wonderful African books. If your question is not answered in the in the FAQ, you can always email us at info@gizuf.com or use the contact us form here.

I am an author and want to work with you guys. How do I do that?

We will be glad to have you and work with you in any capacity. So much so that we have a dedicated contact form for just this purpose. You can access it here.