AfroRead in the News

AfroRead has secured the Scale stage Investment from Microsoft Startup Hub

[2023-07-31] AfroRead Revolutionizes Reading Experience and Attracts Attention of Investors

AfroRead, a groundbreaking reading platform, gains recognition from investors after remarkable growth. Accepted at Microsoft startup hub, it progresses from MVP to Scale stage, with 150K Azure credit. Now seeking angel and seed investors to revolutionize Africa's reading experience. Acknowledging AfroRead's potential early on, Microsoft's startup hub accepted the product a year ago during its MVP stage. Since then, the AfroRead team has tirelessly worked through the MVP (Develop) and Grow stages and is thrilled to announce its latest achievement. After meticulous vetting and validation of the product's traction and adoption by a rapidly growing user community through Microsoft Startup Hub, AfroRead has been granted the coveted approval for the Scale stage.

AfroRead Gains Prominence on Addis Media Network TV for its Remarkable Social Impact on Reading Culture

[2023-07-24] AfroRead Gains Prominence on Addis Media Network TV.

AfroRead, the trailblazing digital platform, is making headlines on Addis Media Network TV for its outstanding contributions to transforming the reading culture and leaving a lasting social impact. This revolutionary platform has become a beacon of change by providing easy access to digital books and revolutionizing the way authors publish and distribute their literary works.

AfroRead trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO

[2023-07-13] AfroRead trademark registered wth USPTO.

Gizuf Digital Service LLC is pleased to announce that its trademark application dated on Oct. 23, 2021 for AfroRead has been officially approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We have received the official registration notice on July 13, 2023. This achievement marks a significant milestone for our brand, and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional digital services under the registered trademark, AfroRead.

AfroRead was profiled on National TV (ETV) in Ethiopia

[2023-05-29] News coverage of AfroRead app on the national tv station (ETV)

Shega Media Profiled AfroRead App

[2023-04-26] AfroRead app is profiled on Shega Weekly Newsleter

AfroRead is an for reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks focused on Ethiopian and African books, which aims to tackle the miraid challenges in the publishing industry in Ethiopia.

Mingizeam Media Profiles AfroRead App

[2022-09-13] Author Desalegn discusses AfroRead from the authors point of view.

AfroRead featured on Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany's International Broadcaster Amharic Radio Program

[2022-07-09] Revolutionary Reading Application Afroread Paves the Way for Ethiopian Literary Culture.

Ethiopia's long-standing need for a thriving reading culture is about to take a leap forward with the advent of a groundbreaking application called Afroread. Acknowledging the persistent lack of developed reading culture and the scarcity of books and libraries in the country, three visionary Ethiopian software experts have unveiled this innovative platform. Afroread, a cutting-edge application, caters to both Amharic and English readers, with future plans to include other Ethiopian languages. One of the core strengths of this platform is its commitment to offering books written in various languages, all while promoting positivity, inclusivity, and the preservation of community values. The driving force behind this noble endeavor, Mr. Dawit, emphasizes that their mission is to encourage reading without burdening readers financially

Founders showcased AfroRead on EBS TV

[2022-04-22] AfroRead app is profiled on Shega Weekly Newsleter

the AfroRead team showcased their revolutionary mobile app, highlighting its potential to transform Ethiopia's reading culture. As the app gains traction and garners support from both authors and readers, AfroRead is poised to become a driving force in nurturing Ethiopia's literary heritage and fostering a more enlightened and knowledgeable society.

Co-Founder of AfroRead - Bizuneh, Participated in the Great Africa Run

[2021-10-20] Raising awareness of the product starts from the community close to home

Co-Founder of AfroRead - Bizuneh, Participated in the Great Africa Run to raise awareness for this revolutionary product and the problems that authors face in publishing their work.

AfroRead Participated in Empower Community Weekend

[2021-08-14] Empower Community Weeked

Empower Community Weekend (ECW) is an all day family-friendly event that brings together with the largest East African community in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

AfroRead and Gizuf Digital - Gets accepted to Microsoft Startup Founder Hub

[2021-08-14] Microsoft Startup Founders Hub approves application of Gizuf Digital

Microsoft Startup Founders hub accepts Gizuf Digital for its product AfroRead, recognizing the potential of the application and the benefits that it brings to underserved author community in Ethiopia and Africa.

Founders of AfroRead gave interview to VOA Amharic

[2021-07-28] VOA Amharic introducing AfroRead as a revolutionary app for the Ethiopian community

The popular Amharic language program of the Voice of America interviewed the three co-founders of the AfroRead app about what the initiative behind the app is and the challenges the founders face as well as the problems the app intends to alleviate.

AfroRead and Gizuf Digital - Awarded the Comcast RIST media campaign award.

[2021-02-02] Gizuf Digital is selected as one of the recipients of Comcast RISE media campaign in Washington DC Metro area.

Since 2020, 13,000 recipients in 1,321 cities across 38 states have been selected as Comcast RISE recipients, including a diverse roster from restaurants and barber shops, to professional services, childcare centers and retail shops. We are proud and fortunate to be one of the selected businesses in the DC Metro Area!